Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just in case you do....

Just in case you ever stare and you self and hate your skin....



Next time you do.... think about Bubba.....

This is a part of his life that I don't think I have ever blogged about.

Bubba has painful eczema....

common enough.. right?

BUT did you know that Bubba also suffers from Ichthyosis?

Did you know that Bubba's sweet little body is covered in scales?

Did you know that this will keep him up at night?

Did you know that kids stare when they notice it?

Did you know that because of this Bubba looked like he had been burned in a fire when he was born?

Did you know that Bubba's little body can't be exposed to UV rays for long?

Did you know it will cause very painful sores all over his body if he is?
{those pictures are just to much to put on here. }

Did you know that becuase of this Bubba's hair falls out?

So next time you wake up to a bad hair day and you get mad....

be grateful you have hair to go crazy.

When you wake up and don't like your skin.....

Just think of Bubba.

Next time you bask in the sun and enjoy it's rays....

think of Bubba who doesn't get that joy.

So, just in case you do give yourself a hard time......


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