Friday, June 1, 2012


I think if you ask sick kid Moms most of them will agree that one of the hardest parts of our "job" is not just to care for the sick child BUT to also find time and attention for the healthy one(s).

I have been blessed to sneak away for some very special end of the year moments with Regan.

Regan's class was putting on a dinosaur play on the day that Bubba was having infusion.

I was so sad at the thought of missing it.

I called her teacher, who is wonderful, and we came up with a plan.

They put on a special dress rehersal the day before for us. ;)

Seriously, her teacher is AMAZING!

I was so proud of Regan!

She had a solo part of a teacher and boy did she work it!

I am so grateful that I was able to be the mother that both of my children needed me to be that week.

Hubs was able to go the the actual performance and got video for me! ;-)

Regan also had open house at school the same week and I knew that it would be almost impossible to go becuase of Jason's work schedule and it was to late for Bubba.

My sweet and AMAZING friend Sherri sent me a text that simply asked "what time do you want me to come over on Thursday so you can go to open house?" She did not ask do you want me to or can I ... she knew that there was a need and she just steped in.

 I LOVE HER for that!!!

She is such a blessing in my life and becuase of her kindness I was able to go and spend this special night with Regan.

She is such a smart little girl and works so hard despite so much going on at home.

Her teacher insisted that she be tested for the GATE {gifted and talented program} for next year. 
I am SO SO SO proud of her!!

Regan has been beging to have a Lemonade stand for a while now.

When we decided to have a Garage Sale she knew it was the perfect time to have her Lemonade stand.

Regan and her BFF had a sleep over the night before....

Both of the girls made out good. ;)

It was such a fun day for them, every child needs to say that at some point in their childhood they had a lemonade stand.

Thank you to all of our friends that stopped by to show support!
{more on that later.}

I am so grateful for all of the sweet moments I have been able to share with my girl.

I am grateful that despite how hard it is... is always comes together. ;)

I am grateful that I have such a sweet support system!!!

I know this summer is going to be hard between hospital stays and scheduling fun things for Regan BUT I know that it will all work out. ;-)


Rachel said...

Isn't that how the body is supposed to serve one another? And isn't it wonderful to see it happen and to know that people are loving on you (and your family) that way? So amazing to watch God's hand in that!

Grateful for what a special girl you have, and for the care your hero boy is getting, and for your times together!

Christine said...

You never fail to amaze me with your super mom skills! Last Thursday Eli, our 10 year old, had another palate closure. Between that and our 2 year old's birthday, our 6 year old, Ruby has been feeling very left out. I do my best, but right now I just don't know how to be everything everyone needs. You make it look SO easy!