Thursday, June 7, 2012

her sweet heart

Regan came home from school on Monday and proudly told me ....

"Mom I won the drawing at school and got to pick out of the treasure chest today!"

{her teacher gives out tickets for being good in class and then has drawings.}

"I got Bubba this car.... I just knew he would LOVE it!"

She gave him the car and he LOVED it!

He kept loving on it and looking up at Regan with pure delight!

He can not verbalize it in words but I know that he was touched by her act of kindness.

He held on to that car all day long!

When it came time for bed Hubs called me into the living room where he was cuddling Bubba.

Bubba was fast asleep with that car clutched tight in his hands.

I had to pry it out of them when it was time to lay him down. ;)

I am so grateful for their friendship.

I am grateful to know that Regan could have easily picked out something for herself but thought of others first.

I am grateful for her BIG heart and for the joy that it brought to Bubba that day. ;-)


Flyss said...

This is too sweet, what a special girl you have x x

Anonymous said...

She's is PRECIOUS. You're doing a great job.

Susan said...

Regan for President!