Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Bubba had a GREAT day.... WHAT!?!?!

Bubba is having a lot more good days than bad right now..... WHAT!?!?

He is even managing to crawl a teeny tiny bit!!.... WHAT!?!?!?

I KNOW... pretty amazing right!!?!?!?

Just when I thought we were set in our "new normal" Bubba went and showed me that he has SOOOOOOO much fight left in him!!!!

I am so grateful that we made the decisions with his health care lately... WHAT!?!?

Yes, the surgeries, infusions, and 24 medications are giving him a much NEEDED boost!...WHAT!?!?!?

Last week we had an ENTIRE week free of Dr. apts. surgeries, and infusions..... WHAT!?!?!

I KNOW!!!!!.... Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

So, with all of this awesome, awesome, awesome stuff going on we knew we needed to CELEBRATE!!!!

Nope, a dance party would NOT be enough.....

So, we took Regan out of school early..... WHAT!?!?!

We needed a good ol' dose of................

{Let's all say it together!!}

Disney Magic Baby!!!.......... WHAT!?!?!?

Yes, Bubba was strong enough to go to Disney for a bit!!

We didn't stay long, he get's tired very quickly, BUT we enjoyed EVERY second we were there!!!!


Rochelleht said...

Oh, well that post just made me super de duper happy! Hurray!!!

sylviamyoung said...

That is fantastic. This post made my heart smile. Good days are amazing...a good week that is beyond words. So happy for you all!!! I hope you are blessed with more good weeks to come:)

lex said...

Whoop whoop!, fantastic news

Anonymous said...

The pink ice cream cone is so Regan :) I'm so glad your sweet Bubba had a happy day!!! I'll be praying for more to come.

Susan said...

YAAAAYYY for Bubba and Regan and their happy parents at Disney!! What a lift it was to read this! Hope it continues. At any rate, the prayers will!