Friday, May 18, 2012

I think I have a problem.......

I thought it was time to lighten things ... no talk of medical stuff today.

Nope today we are talkin' fashion baby!

I think I like Chevron/ stripes way to much!

Serisously, does anyone else have this problem??

I got the tip on the cute dress in the middle from my adorable friend over at cute and cheap.

{Go check out her blog!}

So, I have decided that maxi dresses and skirts and stripes are going to be my "thing" this summer! wink!

Oh, and a RED lip... I am kind of into that right now as well. :-)

What are you wearing this summer??


~Nikki Pullen said...

I love it! Chevron is fun, bold and fashionable: )

Sandi said...

HA! I think I have the same problem!

sylviamyoung said...

You look great in Chevron and Red lips. I can not do red lips I feel like a clown. I am planning on nice dresses most days, comfy and relaxed for hot pregnant days!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Amy said...

Bless your heart! Thanks for the shout out friend!

Can I share you cute pics?