Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Super Awesome weekend}

You know it was a good weekend if I put Super in front of Awesome....

Yes, it was a Super Awesome weekend!!

Saturday morning I got some one on one time with my girl!

Regan invited her friend Belen to come with us on our adventure.{I lucked out becuase I love Belen's Mommy as much as Regan loves Belen!}

We went to The Grove and had some Super Awesome lunch and then headed over to.....

the American Girl Doll Store.
Regan saved up her birthday money and was ready to shop!

After our shopping fun we headed back to the farmers market for some treats before heading home.

So much fun!!! Thank you Belen and Katie for coming to play with us!!!

Ok, true story.....
Regan saw that they had an American Girl wheel chair.....

She screamed with delight and then said that she HAD TO GET IT!!

While we were checking out she told the guy "My Bubba is a handicaper and he has a wheel chair and now my doll will have a wheel chair ..we are so gonna have some races."

The poor guy just stood there... I mean really how do you respond to that. wink!

It was so funny and oh so sweet!
When we got home I got lots of snuggle, cuddles from my favorite little man!

Then if that wasn't enought to manke any gal just happy as can be........
I got to go on a Date night with my best friend!!!

Saturday was perfect becuase I got special one on one time with all of my favorite people!!!

Then on Sunday {Mother's Day}
we got to go to Church as a family! :)

This sweet guy spoke in church and said some prettty sweet stuff about his Momma and his Babies Momma! Oh, I love him!!!

Later that night we celebrated with this awesome ladies!

Bubba gave me the best gift ever.....

 That sweet smile!!!

So, like I said.... Super awesome weekend!!!!


Tawny said...

I am so happy that you had such a wonderful weekend. I love all the smiles. Hugs to all of you!

Rochelleht said...

Ok, Regan's response to the American Girl wheelchair made my day! SO glad it was such a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The doll wheelchair almost brought tears to my eyes. How precious.