Thursday, May 24, 2012

the in between moments

I post a lot about the big stuff but there are even more fun moments that happens in between it all.

{stole this idea from a friend.}

So, here with go with our very first in between catch up post, picture style!

Last week Regan had western day at her school.
{Yes, this is our version of western...... California western. }
All of the families were invited to come and eat lunch
with the kids for the special day at Regan's school.

The same day Bubba had an apt. at the Dr. office.
{We found out that Bubba will be having another surgery next week.}

I had promised Regan that I would bring her lunch and come and eat with her.
When I realized that this would be impossible Team Bubba jumped into action.
A super sweet friend went and picked up lunch for Regan and dropped it off.
Thank you Ms. Sherill!
Bubba and I raced over after his apt. just in time to see Regan
and her cute friends finishing up their lunches!
We were not there long BUT we made it and that is all that matters. :) 

Regan and her principal.
On our way out we ran into one of Bubba's buddies from elementary school!
Seth is such a good kid and gave up his recess time to come and visit with Bubba in his class.
{it is amazing how quickly they grow up.. he is now in high school}
A visit from Bubba's super awesome teacher!
Super fun cheer package from Poppie and Aunt Nancy!
My mom made Regan and McKenna matching dresses.
Too cute!!!
We have also had some not so good days....
let's skip over those quick! ;-)
Bubba was feeling well enough to swing by
 and say hi to his friends at school one day! 
They were having their Best Buddy carnival and
 everyone was super excited to see Bubba. 
I know I have said it before but I can't say it enough....
I LOVE Bubba's school, I LOVE Bubba's teacher!
Another cheer package with more super cute clothing from Poppie!
She also made Bubba this cool walker bag.
{I will take better pics later.. it is awesome!}
We had a visit from a very special friend, Sara.
Emily's mommy is having to make the hard decision to sale and get rid of some of her equipment.
We were happy to buy a pump and have a little peice of sweet Emily here in our home.
{Bubba was having a BAD day that day and she is the only  one that got smiles out of him!}

There is so much more that I will have to write another post BUT I will end with this one.....

Our sweet Bubba will be turning 12 years old on the 4th of July!!! I know I can't believe it myself!!! We were told he wouldn't make it to his first birthday. So, we are celebrating our American Super Hero with Team Bubba t-shirts! The idea behind them is that friends, family, anyone who is part of Team Bubba in some way will wear them on the 4th of July and when asked about it they will share Bubba's story.  They will share about TTD and what an awful beast it is and that there is no cure BUT hopefully some day there will be one! They will share about Mito and Metabolic kids and what they have to endure. This is NOT a fundraiser it is simply a way to bring awareness to TTD and Bubba and his story. ;) More info on this to come. ;-)
{a BIG thank you to our friend Andy who designed the Team
Bubba logo and to his wife Julie for volunteering him.. wink!}


Tawny said...

I can't wait to rock a Team Bubba t-shirt! Sounds like a perfect idea for his birthday.

EvaMarieva said...

Love it and It was wonderful to see you last weekend! We always remember Bubba and your family in our prayers and miss being in Long Beach. I can't believe it has been almost 9 ears since we left!