Sunday, May 27, 2012

a {smile} from my Hero

This week Bubba had to go into in the hospital for his treatment, his infusion.

I am AMAZED by his constant SMILE.

These days are LONG....

These days are HARD.....

The side effects are CRUMMY....

BUT through it all..........

He SMILED becuase we got a room with a view of the street {rare} :-)

He SMILED becuase he was being silly! :-)

He SMILED becuase we got extra cuddles. :-)

He SMILED becuase his girlfriend from child life came to see him. :-)

He SMILED becuase Daddy stopped by to say hi {and bring Mommy a diet coke} :-)

He SMILED just because. :-)

He SMILED {and flirted} with the amazing nurse Terri. :-)

He SMILED becuase we played with the lights! :-)

He SMILED becuase he got to get out of his tiny room. :-)

I SMILE every day because I am lucky enough to be his Mommy.;-)

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