Tuesday, November 29, 2011

and we celebrated..........

Why is it that most of us wait until something HUGE happens to celebrate? Well, not around here. Bubba has had a VERY hard month, one thing after another. He made it to school only a hand full of days this month. Yesterday was a hard one for Bubba and for his Mommy. He was in a lot of pain, he cried... I cried. There is a lot going on with his sweet little body right now and I won't go into all of the crummy details but TTD stinks! ... I HATE it and I hate watching what it is doing to my baby, it is progressing and with that means more tears. I was so happy when Bubba woke up feeling good this morning. We took Regan to school, came home, gave him his meds and hooked him up for his morning feed. He was not 100% but he made it VERY clear that he did not want to be at home. First he went and grabbed his shoe and brought it over to me then I looked over to see that he had pulled to stand and was trying to get his hat off the coat rack. I went ahead and let Bubba go to school. His teacher could tell that I was nervous when I dropped him off. She kept reassuring me that she would keep a close eye on him and call me the second she became worried. I came home, took the dog for a walk, got a shower (woot woot!), and had a lunch date with myself. Then around 12ish I got a call from Bubba's teacher letting me know that he was very tired and that there were very few smiles. I am grateful that Bubba has such an amazing teacher that is so aware of his needs. So, rather than be bummed that Bubba go so tired so quickly we CHOSE to celebrate the fact that he made it to school today and that he was there for a good portion of it.
Hubs got himself an early Christmas present on black friday, an awesome sound bar.
Bubba LOVES it becuase we always turn up the base and rock out!!!
He loves to feel the speakers when the base is good....
like black eye peas, beastie boys, Stephen wolf. :) 
So, we had a dance party for about 2 hours!
We celebrated the simple blessing of Bubba going to school today! 

I am so grateful for the small HUGE blessings in our lives that we have to celebrate!

Hey, have you started your Christmas shopping yet???
Well, you know that pictures are always the best gift!
I am having photo sessions this Saturday and would LOVE to shoot your family.
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Rachel said...

So sorry for the rough time he has had. I am praying that God will heal the things that are causing him pain, and will strengthen his body to match his spirit.

Thankful that you know to celebrate those good things - even if they only last a few hours.

And I love that he loves that sound bar - I would too! :)

Rochelleht said...

Ah, I hate it when things are hard for him! But I LOVE what an amazing mom you are. LOVE you guys!