Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun in Texas {part 1}

Oh the fun of traveling with a sick child. First off we had to bring an extra large bag just to hold all of Bubba's medications, equipment, diapers, machines... etc. It is always fun trying to figure out going through security. Who will take Bubba? Who will stay behind with Regan and all of the liquids? For some reason they decided that Bubba looked like a terrorist threat that morning. I always fully expect Bubba to be taken to the side for a good ol' pat down since he can not go through the metal detector but man these guys went WAY over board. When they saw all of his liquid medications that pulled the two of us aside. Even though I had already gone through the metal detector they made me get an additional pat down since I was with him. They took all of my bags (with no liquids) and went through them. They checked every single one of his medications (expected) then when Jason came over and tried to help they told him to stand back. They would not let him take his sweatshirt because it was with my stuff. At this point I just kept looking at Jason saying "this is crazy!!!!" They gave Bubba a pat down and Bubba yelled at him the entire time (way to go Bubba :) I had to lift his shirt and show them the wonderful stuff sticking out of my child's body to help him. At this point you would think that they got that they were dealing with a sick child and let us go.... nope, they had to finish their VERY thorough search of us. So, you will all feel safe to know that Bubba is not a terrorist threat! wink!
Bubba did pretty good on the plane.
He did vomit but seriously is there  ever a
 day we don't deal with vomit!?!? wink!
We had to take a bus to our rental car and Bubba loved that!
Regan did amazing and was such a big help!!!
I love this picture, it pretty much somes
 up Jason and I the entire weekend..... tired!

All of the fun from traveling was worth it
once we got to Poppie and Coach's home!!!
It was Coach's birthday the day we arrived so the
 kids wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party. 

Everyone hid....
(I think all of the kids squeezed in the pantry)
and we called Coach down. 
and yelled SURPRISE!!!!!! 

No cake for Coach... apple pie, his favorite. 
Kai, Regan, and the dogs helped coach blow out his candles!!

This was the perfect way to kick off our fun family weekend together!!!!
(I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures I am going to have a hard time picking.)

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Karen said...

How could security look at that sweet little face and not roll out the "Red Carpet" for your Bubba?...Shame on them!
I just don't understand some things!
Love and prayers from Wisconsin