Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween part 2

Yesterday was a marathon! Bubba and I started the morning off with a date with the hospital. I had to take him into clinic to get him checked out for a few different things. What I thought would take us an hour ended up taking three!!! :-/  Bubba was such a trooper!!!! It was our first time with this clinic and Bubba made SEVEN new friends! Yes, those ladies fell hard for him. wink! He had one holding and hugging him by the end of it. We walked away from our fun morning with new hand splints, a new medication to add to the list, and an apt. to come back for him to get botox. We are hoping that all of this will help his quality of life and help with that darn PAIN. I feel truly blessed that Bubba has such an amazing team of doctors here in California and his awesome team back east. I think Bubba is one of the few kids out there that starts to clap when he realizes that we are pulling into the hospital parking lot. :) Bubba was tuckered out after our morning! He came with me to go to Regan's school for her costum parade. Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to have Nana and Pa Pa right across the street from her school..... well, it is pretty AWESOME!! Nana and Pa Pa watched Bubba for me while I went to the school to get the kids in their costumes then Nana walked over with him to join in on the fun.
Regan has so many friends now and LOVES her school!!!
Just a few of our friends as they walked by....

Bubba was excited to see HIS Ms. Sherill!!
(orange and red crayons)
Our beautiful, brave pink crayon breast cancer warrior!
Regan and her WONDERFUL teacher!!
Bubba was not into the costume parade at all. After we saw
Regan come by us he was ready to go and say hi to another friend that he misses!!

He was all smiles when he saw his friend........
Who was this friend you ask????.......

Well, it was his friend the bus of course!!!!
{more halloween fun to come!}

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Susan said...

So happy to see Regan so happy and surrounded by all her new friends! What a good school year this is shaping up to be! And, dang it, Bubba and his infectious grin just melts my heart every time I see it! I don't wonder that he made some new friends of his own at the clinic.