Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texas love {The final post}

I am sure that you all are getting tired of these Texas posts from weeks ago but I needed to do this last one to say THANK YOU! Thank you to Poppie and Coach and all that they did to make this entire weekend possible! Serisoulsy, y'all are awesome!!! Thank you to all of you that came to spend time with us. We are truly grateful for the memories that we made with each one of you. Thank you for taking the time to love my babies. Thank you because I am not sure when or if Bubba will be able to make this trip again. It was hard on him and he has been recovering since we got home. Thank you!

Some of the high lights from the weekend......
going to the store with Aunt Karen.... Bubba was not feeling well an she wanted to cheer him up. She said "well this might not be disneyland but..." then turned up the radio and started doing donuts and figures eights in the Target parking lot. :) He loved it and the rest of us were just waiting for security to come out and yell at us.wink!

Uncle Bubba slaming the doors every morning with Bubba!

Watching the cousins play together. Regan told me "I sure LOVE those cousins!"

Getting to Cuddle my sweet niece and nephew, the ones that are still small enough to cuddle.

The kids hidding for Coach's surprise party

Watching Paw and Bubba play with this cool ball that he brought him.

Watching Uncle Bubba go round and round on the merry go round with Bubba.

Watching my mom buzz around the house getting everything ready, she is so much like her mother that way.

Getting to laugh and catch up with cousins that I rarely get to see.

Regan's slumber party at Poppies house with Aunt Karen and all of the cool no boys allowed signs they made.

Getting to introduce my sweet Hubs and Bubba to family that have never met them!

Watching Aunt Nancy play trains with Bubba and Kai.

Uncle Bubba giving all the kids wheel barel rides.

Watching everyone love and comfort Bubba when he didn't feel well.

Going shopping with my Mom and sisters... a shopping trip is NEVER just a shopping trip with them. :)

Walking into to see all of the cousins piled in Poppie and Coach's bead watching Alice in wonderland together. {it was so sweet!}

There are so many more fun memories but I will end with these. Thank you all for such a wonderful weekend filled with tons of wonderful memories.

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