Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The power of prayer

Tonight I am so grateful for the amazing power of prayer and for all of you that have offered up prayers on our Bubba's behalf. Today we went back to the doctors office and guess what... the elevator worked!!! wahoo for that! wink! The doctor checked out Bubba and he said that he is no longer worried about him, he is only concerned now. :) Hey, I will take that! So, we were able to stay out of the hospital!!! Wahoo for no hospital stays!!! I feel so blessed to be living in a day and time when we have all of the machines we need to take care of Bubba in the comfort of our own home. WAHOO for that! Bubba is still on house arrest. {I did break him out for a moment to pick Regan up from school today.} Once he is finished with his oral steriod I will be starting him on an inhaled steriod and then we get to go back and see the dr. on Monday. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed we feel that we have been able to keep Bubba home. We have so many little friends that are in the hospital right now and it is not a fun place to be. Now, I have to tell you how blessed I feel to have the most amazing friends and yes Mother in law in the world. I have been overwhelmed with phone calls, texts, and unexpected visits to check on us. My sweet mother in law picked up Regan from school on Monday and when she dropped her off she saw my HUGE pile of laundry from the trip and Bubba's vomiting. She grabbed it all and brought it back clean and folded. Tuesday night a sweet friend brought over dinner for our family and would not take no for answer! The next day this same friend along with another friend showed up on my door step... one tackled my kitchen and the other took Bubba from my arms so that I could get a shower and a little break. I had a wonderful friend take Regan to school for me and another one taking her tomorrow. I was blessed with a surprise dinner drop off tonight by another sweet friend. Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how loved and blessed we feel. Jason just keeps telling me "you have the most amazing friends!!!" I am brought to tears every time I think about it. Thank you all for your prayers, thank you to all of you that checked in on Bubba, and thank you to all of my sweet friends that have done so much for our family!!!!!! My cup runneth over tonight! :)
We don't have a full smile yet but we are getting a little closer every day. :)

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