Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween part 3 {the final one}

What is Halloween with out good
 ol' trick or treating fun ?!?

I have the BEST friends! Seriously, the BEST!.... One sweet friend called me Halloween morning to see if Hubs had to work. She was worried that if Hubs was working Regan would miss out on trick or treating because Bubba has a hard time staying up late. Did I tell you what happened at the ward Halloween party? No, well we got to the party at 6pm {Bubba's usual medication time} by 6:30pm he was vomiting all over himself in the middle of the party. I guess it kind of fit in with the whole Halloween theme... a little like a scene out of The Exorcist. Yup, my 11 year old son can't be out past 6:30 at night..... yeah it's a little hard. We took him home, while Nana and Pa Pa stayed with Regan at the party, and got him cleaned up, medicated and ready for bed. I had a bit of cry on the way back to the party alone, some times it these simple little things that are hard. Now that you have all of this wonderful back story from Saturday you might understand a little better why this wonderful friend called wanting to see if I needed her help. Luckily, Hubs did not have to work late and was able to join in the fun. So, we decided to all meet at our home and go trick or treating together! The best part...... Bubba managed to hang in there for the enitre night!!! He was up till 7:45!!!!!!! This was HUGE!!!!! We were all very excited and grateful for this little HUGE blessing.
Our FUN group of kids!!

This cute little leapord met up with us a block in. :) 
Avery was so cute, EVERY time after she got a piece of candy she would shout...
"JU JU... JU JU.... MORE!!!" she had to show me EVERY piece! It was so sweet! 

One of the younger girls had to take a potty break at a friend's home and the girls decided it was the perfect time to check out the good. Yes, right in the middle of the side walk. :) 

I am posting this picture AGAIN becuase it was my favorite from the night.
This shot was taken at the VERY end of our night, we were
celebrating Bubba making it to the end!!!!


Amy Eaton said...

That last pic is adorable!

Susan said...

I so LOVE Halloween! Just seeing all those sweet little ones in their costumes makes me happy. But that last shot of Bubba is the happiest. How great is it that he was able to take part?! Such a good memory!