Monday, September 19, 2011

Where have I been????

Well, since you asked....
Things have been CRAZY in the Presley casa.
I don't even know where to begin,
 all I know is that I am WAY behind.
There have been some not so great things going on, not going there
AND there have been so oh so fun things going on, so going there!
First, these two crack me up!!!
Bubba will take the computer and put it up to his "good" ear and lay down.
Stanley will come behind him and lay down.
{don't judge the yucy carpet.... it's coming up next week.} 
Regan made us dinner!!!
Home made pizza pie! 
We went and celebrated this sweet friend's 3rd birthday!!! 
We rode on a TRAIN!!! 

Regan talked Daddy into going on the spinning nest.
{I learned my lesson the last time and will NOT
 being going back on that thing EVER again.} 

Regan talked Daddy into a camel ride.
How can you say no to a camel ride??? 

Regan talked Mommy into a car ride...
boy does she have a LOT to learn. :) 
Bubba and Regan talked us into going and seeing our sweet ol' Uncle Bill.
We LOVE our visits with Uncle Bill!!!
We celebrated Great Grandma Jo's 81st birthday with her!! 
We got our groove on!!! 
Regan made this hot pad for Great Grandma Jo all by herself.
She was so excited to give it to her.
{Family, don't be surprised if you open a gift like this
 for Christmas. This has become her favorite hobby!}

On top of all of this fun I have also taken on the book fair at Regan's school.
Yes, I know I am crazy.
The kids are doing GREAT in their new schools and are LOVING them!!!! :)
I am still getting used to two different start and pick up
times for school but it is slowly getting easier.

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Rachel said...

After all those fun pictures and descriptions, my very favorite part is that the kids are LOVING their schools.

So relieved. What an answer to prayer!