Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love you weekend.......

My wonderful Hubs works VERY hard!!! He has a CRAZY work schedule and the kids can go days with out seeing him. I am so grateful to be married to such an amazing man that works so hard for our family. {LOVE YOU!!!} So, we were all excited that Daddy had a three day weekend this weekend!!!! Wahooo!!!!! It could not have come at a better time, this past week did me in! We did lots of fun things BUT there were also some very hard days. Bubba had doctors apts. and we needed to get all of the paper work for school taken care of.... seizure plan, feeding plan, allergy plan, medications, etc... I can not tell you in words how grateful I have been to have him home to play with us.
Saturday we decided to take one last bus ride before school starts! 
He just sat there waiting for the bus to come. 

He was very tired from the hard days he had just had BUT trust me ...
he was excited to be on the bus! :)

We took our trusty bus guide with us, Great Grandma Jo! 
We took the bus to the mall where the kids went on the train.
Regan is the best sister ever!!!
She is so OVER the train but will ride it with her
 Bubba becuase he can not ride it by himself.

After church today we decided to go and play with the kids and Stanley. 
They both enjoyed flying on their wheels! 
Shoot, once Bubba got going... he was OFF!!! 
Daddy and Regan played a great game of hop scotch. 

Stanley had a play date with Nana and Pa Pa's dog Emma.
They LOVE each other!!!! 
It has been a wonderful weekend and the BEST part....
It's not over yet!!!!!
Guess where we will be tomorrow morning! :)

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