Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet and Sour

My Sour: Bubba is still having a hard time. Today was HARD but last night was even HARDER.

My Sweet: Bubba let us lay him down tonight. That is a major improvment from last night. I held him all night long and got about 45 minutes sleep. So, it is a HUGE sweet that he is sleeping sweetly in his own bed right now.

My Sour: Being stressed about Regan and making sure she was taken care of.

My Sweet: Our sweet friend Rosemary taking Regan to school and Nana picking her up for me. Also a HUGE sweet is that Regan is the first child being honored in her class for student of the week!!!!

My Sour: LOTS of laundry to catch up on!!

My Sweet: Thinking of Bubba and Regan playing together on Sunday........
Regan wanted to play Mommy and Daddy shopping with Bubba.
I am not sure what Bubba thought they were playing
 but he just loved that Regan wanted to be with him.
He kept putting the remote in the
shopping cart and Regan would take it out. 
He thought he was FUNNY and kept putting that darn remote in the cart. :) 

Regan insisted that Bubba buy her all of these pillows.
So, I guess in the end it was spot on....
Daddy wanted the remote
and Mommy wanted pillows. :)

1 comment:

Susan. said...

Heartbreaking to hear that Bubba has had such a hard time and you've had such little rest. Heart FILLING that Bubba and Regan's play was so charming, and that your angels come to your rescue when you cry out for their help.
Special prayers for you today that things will settle and Bubba will have abundant easier times.