Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a new year.......

Yesterday I took Regan and Bubba to Regan's new school
{Bubba's old school} so that she could meet her new teacher.
This was a GREAT idea from my mother in law and I was
hoping it would help with her nerves.
Bubba went to this school for five years, everyone there knows Bubba.
Most everyone there remembers Regan as a baby
 and could not believe how BIG she is!
Luckily, Regan's teacher was in her classroom setting
up and was more than happy to meet Regan and was sooo sweet to her. :)
Last night the backpacks sat on the bench ready to go.
Their first day of school outfits were laid out, ready for them to jump into.
The brand new shoes, that Regan had been begging to wear,
were ready to go by the front door.
Regan went to sleep with out any tears and very little nerves.
I could not believe how "easy" things seemed.

Regan woke up excited and was ready in no time!!
I was so impressed with Regan and how
excited she was about starting a new school.
Bubba had a hard time waking up and was not a big
fan of getting ready and heading out the door.

First day of school must have pics in the front yard.

We got to Regan's school and I could tell that the nerves were starting to set in.
I think the reality of a brand new school started to kick in.
Luckily, Regan has two friends from church in her class!!!!
Seeing a friendly face seemed to help.
And then just like that..... my 2nd grader was gone.
No tears were shed by anyone!!! wahoo to that!
She has an AMAZING teacher and I am so excited.
Then it was time to take Bubba to his first day of Middle School.
This one was a little harder, ok... a LOT harder.
The school is HUGE, the kids are HUGE, and well it's a bit scary.
Bubba saying hi to his new teacher.
She is AMAZING and we fought to get her.
I know that he will be in heaven with her.
Bubba also had friends in his new class!!
Wahoo for friends. :)
I had to stick around and wait for the nurse so that I could
 go over his feeding plan, seizure plan, allergy info.... etc.
So, Jason and I ended up being at his school for over
 an hour making sure everything was ok.
{Did I mention that Jason had the day off and got to come with?}
Bubba did NOT want us to leave.... it was HARD.
While we walked away I grabbed Jason's hand and told him to hurry,
I could feel the tears coming.
I am hoping that every day will get a little easier for both of us.
When I picked Regan up she told me that she made
 one new friend and was very happy about that.
Bubba was sad on and off all day. :(
He got bored, I have two bags of toys to donate to the
class tomorrow in hopes of helping with this.

Here's to a new year!!!


Foursons said...

I'm a bit surprised your district doesn't have a Meet the Teacher night. I thought everyone did that now.

I'm glad the first day went well despite Collin being a bit bored. I hope the whole year goes as well!

Susan. said...

YAY for Regan, for a happy new start and new friends! Hopefully, things will get better and better for Bubba as he acclimates to a new teacher and routine. Both always have the security of love and comforting hugs at home if things get a little sad or scary sometimes.