Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Tough Guy}

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the burden pleasure of heading up the book fair at Regan's school. I offered to HELP and it quickly turned into me taking charge of it all when the person that was going to do it backed out. I mean how hard could it be?? I have done it so many times at the other school. Luckily, I had some AMAZING people that came to my rescue. Seriously, going back to this school with Regan has been like coming home, so many wonderful old friends, teachers, and fellow parents. Regan told me one day "Mom I am tired of everyone saying.... Oh, I knew you when you were a little baby... you are so big!" I knew that taking on the book fair with Bubba at a different school would be hard BUT man it was crazy and there isn't any way that I could have done it with out Shay {seriously she deserves a super awesome A+ sticker for this one.} I would drop Regan off at school at 8am, hurry home and hook Bubba up for his morning feed, take Bubba to school at 9am, hurry back to Regan's school for book fair, Regan got out of school at 2pm and would hang out with me, and then we would hurry to pick up Bubba from school at 3pm. This week has been busy but wonderful at the same time! Last night was back to school night and again some wonderful women came to my aid with the book fair, Laura {Bubba's first aid}, Aunt Sue, and some other wonderful "retired" PTA moms came to help out. Seriously, I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life. We even had the In n Out truck come!! :) I was able to go into Regan's classroom and look up on the board to see Regan's name under the happy face side. Then I had the pleasure of hearing how wonderful she is doing. Wahoo for a wonderful start to an awesome school year!!! I am so happy with our decision to bring Regan back to this school.

This morning I dropped Stanley off at Nana's house to have a play date with Emma while I was at the book fair all day. She even took the two dogs to get groomed!!! They had a dog show at Uncle Bill's assisted living home today. Regan was so excited about it!!! When Nana came to school to pick Regan up she had both dogs with her. Emma had bows in her hair and Stanley, well Stanley had a mohawk. :) The kids at the school LOVED it!!! Regan and Nana had a blast at the Dog show. Regan and Stanley won the Spirit award!!!

When they got to Uncle Bill's they had toys and clothing for the dogs.
Regan picked out this awesome shirt for Stanley.
I think the shirt went perfect with his mohawk....
Tough guy! :) 

What did Stanley think abou all that fun???
Well, he was TIRED when he got home!!

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Susan. said...

I don't know who's cuter, Stanley with his shirt and mohawk or Regan with the spirit ribbon. How fun! And kudos to the women who came to your rescue with the book fair. Friends like that have no idea the blessings they are!