Tuesday, June 7, 2011

we like to shake it, shake it............

Jason had to work on Saturday and the kids and I wanted to do something fun.
We decided that we did not want to go on our adventure alone so we invited a friend.
Well, Regan invited a friend..... it was too funny.
Regan tried calling friend's mommy and she didn't answer 
so then she asked me if she could call her grandma.
Her call to grandma went like this "Hi friend's grandma... this is Regan.... I am trying to find friend... do you know where she is. I want her to come and play with me." Then I could hear grandma on the other side....."is your mommy there Regan?????????????????" Oh, I LOVE that girl of mine! We were able to locate her friend through all of her awesome work and phone calls and she came to play with us. :)
They were having Polynesian activities at "our" Aquarium and we knew that we HAD to go!
{I promise that our friend had fun...despite her face :} 
I LOVE this picture!!!! 

The girls made their own lays....... 
and everyone got tatoos!  
We watched the pro's shake it....... 
then it was time for the girls to......... 
and last but not least what is a post with out a BIG Bubba smile!


Rachel said...

Would you believe that as I am reading this, my kiddo and husband are sitting in the living room with Madagascar's "I Like To Move It Move It"!?!

You guys look like you had so much fun! Those are some crazy diver photos! Or maybe just someone who is crazy to get in those tanks! :)

My Blog said...

How fun!
Regan and her little friend are darling, and Bubba is a mighty handsome young man! Looks like you guys had a great time, the aquarium is one of my favorite places to go in the summer!

Foursons said...

Oh I love the girl's shaking it shots! So cute.

And no- no post would be complete w/out a Bubba smile.