Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saying Good Bye

Today my sweet, baby boy graduated from 5th Grade.
He is now a BIG junior high boy.... gulp......well, as of tomorrow.
Not sure if I am ready for this BUT here it is.
I couldn't help but cry a couple times today just
 thinking about how far he has come.
Jason and I are so VERY proud of him!!!!
Bubba is blessed with the BEST teacher and aids anyone could ask for.
(Bubba and the 2011 graduating Buffum Bulldog class)
And how does Bubba feel about saying good bye??
Well, he doesn't like that idea.
When everyone was clapping Bubba got overwhelmed and started to cry.
A Dad from the back yelled out "It's ok baby... let it out... let it out!"
and he did :(

These three amigos have been together for a LONG time.
Bubba and Emily have been together since
 they were 18 months old in pre school.
They will all be going to the same junior high together.
(yes, I won that fight with the district and he IS going to the school we want him in!) 

Later in the day Regan recieved an award for honor roll.
We are so proud of our little girl!!!!
Tomorrow is the last day of school and Buffum school will be closing.
It is a sad day and it will be a HARD one.
Tonight Regan sat in her bed crying at the thought
 of having to say good bye to her school BFF.
These two have been BFF's for 3 years.
Regan will be going to a different school than her next year
and she is so broken up about the thought of not
 being at the same school next year.
Bubba will be heart broken to say good bye to his BFF as well.
Bubba's Ms. Sherril has been his second mom and BFF every day at school.
It will be hard to say good bye for Bubba and for Mommy.


Rachel said...

So bittersweet!

When places and things (and people) are so wonderful that you can't imagine anything better... it's so hard to watch it move away!

But your kiddos have done AMAZING things with these places, things, and people - and how wonderful to see!

Palmyra said...

Congrats Julie!

I kind of felt a little like Bubba. I too don't like change. The unknown can be scary sometimes especially when you love so many things about the present. How cool that your kids are capable of so much feeling and love. I think they take after their mother ;)

Mandy said...

Congrats to your amazing kids!

But man it sucks to say good-bye! Caleb is moving onto another class--which I am not thrilled about at all, but need to give it a chance before I go in there with guns blazing :). But he will no longer have the aid that has worked with him for the last two years and I am soooo sad! There was never a better fit for my boy, I can't even think about it without feeling sick to my stomach :(

Susan said...

My prayers are that the new school will be a great fit for both Bubba and Regan. (I've forgotten if you've said that they will be at the same school...?) Changes are a wee bit scary, but offer new opportunities to grow in different ways and directions.
I'm glad you included the picture of Bubba smiling at the end because you could have mopped the floor with me after I saw the one of him crying.......soggy mess here.
I'm wishing both Regan and Bubba a wonderful summer!