Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our summer list....

We have a summer list, you know all of the things that we HAVE to do this summer or Regan might just die! I have to say that I am excited about all of them, some are old favorites and some will be new adventures. New is always a little scary around here with Bubba but no matter the out come we still try. (Yes, some days Bubba and I BOTH leave crying.) I also have my own list and on the VERY top of it..... FIND BUBBA A NEW NURSE. We have been with out a nurse since Dec.!!! I know crazy right!?!?!? We had to "fire" the old agency that we used and have now found a new one. Monday morning we will meet with their nursing cordinator to see if we can find Bubba his very own Marry Poppins. Last summer we were blessed with an amazing nurse that became part of our family and due to a broken wrist we were not able to have her care for him this summer :( I have faith that the right nurse will come into our lives and be PERFECT for Bubba..... I mean really how can you not fall in love with him the second you see him smile!?!?!  So, as I sit here and stare at our lists the theme song to the show Phineas and Ferb comes to mind (oh, come on don't even act like you haven't heard it! wink!!)

There's 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it

Like maybe...

going to disneyland
Or reading chapter books
Or going to the aquarium

Discovering something that doesn't exist (Hey! )

Or going to the LA zoo
Surfing mini waves
Creating sand castles

Or locating  our lost flip flops

Finding a train to ride
Painting some artwork
Or driving your sister insane
As you can see
There's a whole lot of stuff to do
Before school starts this fall

So stick with us 'cause Bubba and Regan
Are gonna do it all
So stick with us 'cause Bubba and Regan
Gonna do it all!

So far we have managed to.........

Play with friends at Chuck E Cheese 

have lunch play dates! 
Meet up with our New Jersey friends at Disneyland.... 
take down the evil Emperor Zorg.....

build ride a rollercoaster.... 

Learn to drive......... 

have fun with Nana....... 
and finally...... steal a bus!!!!!!!!!!! wink!!!!!

What is on your summer list??


Rachel said...

Praying for that perfect nurse! And your family may just be that answer to prayer for him/her too!

And you ended that one with the best shot! I love your goal of stealing a bus! :)

Jenny said...

I love your Phineas and Ferb theme song! That's my boys favorite show right now. I need to work on a list for us!