Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday was the Special Olympics at CSULB.
We LOVE going to the Special Olympics and go every year.
We tell all of our friends and make sure they come
and play and cheer on the athletes with us!!
As soon as we got there we ran into friends family.
Pa Pa and Nana brought cousin Andrea to play. 
We LOVE Jeri!!
Those Cute Andersen kids came to play!! 
What is a party with out our good ol' pals Mickey and Minnie??
We also made some new friends that gave high fives........
and kisses!!! :)
We played TONS of games at the carnival.

Regan worked on her modeling skills. :) 

Andrea does not play around when it comes to games....
 she takes it VERY serious! wink!

Then it was time to cheer for the AWESOME special olympians!!
Bubba's favorite EVERY year is the basketball games.
He wants to be down on the floor with the players and gets so excited!
I know he wishes his legs worked a little better
 so that he could get out there and play with them.
The refs and everyone were so kind to him. :) 
Then the best part of the day.....
Bubba tried to steal a bus! :)
{maybe next year bud!}


Rochelleht said...

Oh, how I love the Special Olympics. We couldn't participate as much this year. Ethan got seizures half way through the season and Derick had surgery. Boo. Hopefully next year will bring a better season.

Foursons said...

The bus picture made me grin from ear to ear. Glad y'all had a great time.

Rachel said...

Quick note - I posted about how we fixed the commenting issue for us - it might work for you?

And I am with Jules - the bus picture made me totally smile!

I love that there are so many things for everyone to do!

The title of your post made me smile... I was signing to Itty Bit yesterday in the store when a woman stopped me and asked, "is he special?"

I was confused because well, dang right he's SPECIAL!, but I am used to people asking MY MOM if I am special!

It dawned on me that she'd seen us signing, and I explained that I was deaf and used sign language with Itty Bit.

Just then, he decided to throw a massive tantrum about me getting the wrong kind of cheese (or something equally important) and she got a good dose of just how "special" he can be! hee hee!

She only asked because she said she has a son with CP in a wheelchair. I hope Itty Bit meets him in school and makes a new friend!

Rachel said...

Oh, and sorry for hijacking your comment section ;)

Susan said...

Special Olympics are the best! Loved the pictures of Regan getting her fun, too (in that adorable outfit), but honestly, the picture of Bubba (almost) stealing the bus is too funny and sweet. What a great day you had!

Rachelle said...

That looks like such an exciting day! Loved reading about it and seeing all the photos. Warms my heart to see such a great time.