Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My cup is overflowing…

I just can't stop braging about my kids.

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching Regan and her classmates put on a violin recital for Bubba and his sweet little classmates. It was so fun to watch their faces light up as the music started to play. No, the music was not perfect and often times wasn’t in key as the beginning musicians did their very best. I do not think anyone in the audience noticed it though. They stared in amazement as the sweet five and six year olds played their instruments. Regan stood right in front of her Bubba and played just for him. It was so sweet to see. I love that Regan and her friends have so many opportunities in their school to reach out to their special friends.

And just in case you were wondering..... no, Bubba can not stand on his own now. He is leaning on the door and his sweet big/little sister his holding him up. :) She holds him up alot..... in so many ways.
If that wasn't enough today I went to their school for an awards assembly. Both of my wonderful children were honored. Regan was recognized for her good grades and behavior. Collin was awared for amazing attitude and effort in everything he does. Needless to say I was one VERY proud Mommy.
Regan was first....

Can we say proud????.... Oh, she is so cute!!!

Then it was Bubba's turn....
This is Collin and his Best Buddy. Best Buddies is a program were fifth graders come in and read, play and are friends with children in the special day classes. This sweet friend is SOOO good with Collin.

If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself come and spend a day with Bubba and his friends. They will teach you about courage, strength, and endless love for life. You will be inspired. 
Thanks for listening as this Mommy went on and on about how wonderful her kids are..... until next time! wink!


Poppie said...

Proud mothers are not the only ones with bragging right. I brag on my awesome GRANDCHILDREN every chance I get. Thanks for the pictures since I couldn't be there in person to see them get their awards. Love you lots and miss you MORE. Can't wait to see you...SOON!

Maw and Paw said...

Julie, the wonderful kids you have are a reflection on the love and attention you give to them each and every day. I myself am proud of my children, and you give me reasons every day to be so proud of you. Keep up the good work being the great Mother you are.