Monday, March 1, 2010

Make over Monday {and prayers needed}

Regan has this yellow dress from last season. It is cute but to be honest I was getting a bit tired of it. She is my dress girl and wants to wear a dress EVERY day. So, rather than go and buy her a new dress I decided to give this one a little make over, a second life if you will.

I started by taking the sad little bows off of the shoulders. Then I decided to add some Yo Yo's to it. It seems like they are on EVERthing for kids this season. They are SOOO easy to make. I didn't want to make a Yo Yo head band {I thought that would be an over kill} So, I made a basic pink bow. I decided that it needed something else so I made her a button braclet with a matching Yo Yo in the center. It took me no time at all and I think it gave this sad little yellow dress just what it needed.

Yes, I am asking for prayers again. My sweet little boy will be sedated tomorrow morning for his MRI. I am nervous, for the sedation... for the results. Please pray that my baby comes out just fine.
The power of prayer is amazing!!!

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