Friday, March 19, 2010


Regan has been looking forward to kite day at school for weeks. On Monday she made a kite out of paper and practiced flying it in the backyard. Her sweet little home made kite never did much BUT she was so excited running back and forth.
Collin LOVED watching her run!

Regan is always looking for new fashion trends.... hmmmm.... I am not sure if this one will catch on or not. What do you think? wink!
Yesterday the big day came and it was time for Jason and I to go to the kid's school and help them fly kites. We brought three with us just in case. Regan wanted us to bring her big Tinker Bell kite but I was afraid that it was to big for the tiny bit of wind we had. So, I ran  to the dollar store and picked up a couple little cheap ones.... just in case!

We got Regan (after her violin recital) and then found our little man in the hall waiting for us!!

The big kite just wasn't working so we pulled out the cheap ones. Rega and Daddy didn't have much luck BUT did manage to get it up a couple of times. The extra kite was given to a classmate of Collin's who was sad that his kite had broke. WOOOWH was I glad I ran to the store for the cheap ones.
Collin enjoyed watching and we played with Bubbles. :)
Regan sure tried OVER and OVER. She was determined to get that kite to fly HIGH but despite her best efforts it just didn't happen. All the pratice in the backyard didn't pay off because there just wan't enough wind. So, Daddy and Regan have a date to wake up early Saturday morning, buy a kite, and fly it just the two of them. I don't think either of them will give up until they get it to go HIGH. :)

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Abbie said...

I love reading your blog! The relationship between your kids is magical. I love it!