Thursday, March 5, 2009

We need your help!

Dear Family and Friends~~

It is that time of year again. We are not doing the LA Marathon this year. They had issues with wheel chairs, ect. After getting it all resolved it was to late. So, this year we will be doing the Derby Days 5K. PLEASE support TEAM COLLIN by going to this link and donating in his name

This will be our sixth year doing the 5K walk/ run!! We have choose to walk for Ability First again this year. Ability First provides services and programs for children and adults with disabilities. Their mission is to help people with disabilities reach their full potential through out their lives. Collin has been going to Ability First’s Summer Camp program for three years. They are amazing, caring, and loving!!! They provide a safe place for Collin and his friends. There is an indoor pool for him to play in safe from the sun. We would appreciate your support again this year!!! Please support Team Collin by donating in his name. If you would like to join Team Collin and walk with us we would LOVE to have you!!!! Ability First is near and dear to our hearts, they are family! We might not have riches to give BUT by doing small acts of kindness we can do great things!!!!!! Thank you so much for your support!!!


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