Sunday, March 8, 2009

Update on my little man!!!! Well, he is doing better. I had to take him back in because he was having trouble breathing. NO FUN!!! Yes, down right scary! :( So, now he is on yet another medication. It seems to be working!!!! Collin has been perking up over the weekend. We have been taking it easy and staying at home. That has been the biggest blessing, staying out of the hospital!

My mom left to go back home on Tuesday and then I got a phone call from my dad. He was worried about our little man and wanted to see us. So, he packed up his car and drove all the way out from Texas!!!! He got here on Thursday night and boy was Bubba happy!!!!! I have so much more to share but I am tired. I just wanted to let you know that Collin is doing better! Here are some fun pics I got of the kids this weekend!


Braden and Jodee said...

Glad he is doing better! So nice of your Dad to drive up!! SO SO nice! Super cute pictures as always.

Kelly said...

Great news!!! I've been blog stalking you to see how the heck you guys are doing... Hugs from the Coles!!! Love you!

Brian and Kara said...

Glad Collin is doing better. I'm sorry I haven't checked in on you more. Hopefully things will continue to get better. By the way, those pics you took are awesome. Did you get a new camera, or did you do that on picnic? And even without any sleep you still look amazing. Have a good week. Call me if you need anything!!!