Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I had such a fun Birthday this year! What can I say getting a little older does have some perks. Regan kept telling me that I was the Queen and I felt spoiled all day long. The only thing that I asked for and didn't get was a good nights sleep. Maybe Collin will realize one day what a valuable gift that would be to give to me. wink! I was woken up by my three favorite people with hugs, kisses, and gifts.... can't beat that!!!! Regan always finds the best you remember the pink plunger she got her PaPa for Christmas???? Well, she was very excited when she found the perfect rainbow duster for my B-day!!!! (She is just so darn cute!!!!) Jason spoiled me with the mp3 that I have been wanting. My broke a while ago. I have been stealing his when I work out... yes, I have been driving him crazy. I was a little picky...... I want one with a radio... one that plays videos and pictures for Collin... ect.... He found one with it all and it was RED!!!!

Thank you to everyone that called, sent cards, brought by yummy baked goods, watched my kids so that I could spend the day with my hubby, and for all of the fun gifts!!!!!!

Oh, how I love my Target!!!!! (I got lots of these!!!! Oh, Thank you!!!!)

My magical under eye cream!!!! I swear by this stuff!!! I don't ever get sleep and have constant dark circles and puffy eyes. This is the only thing I have found that works! Thank you!!!!

Yummy candles!!!! Oh, how I love a good candle!!!!!
After we dropped the kids off at school Jason and I headed off to Disney Land to get my gift card and celebrate on some big kid rides.....

OK.... so they weren't all big kid rides! wink!

No such thing as calories on your birthday right???????????????

I ended my day with a wonderful dinner with my favorite people that started my day off right!


Jenny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had a good one. I love that bread bowl soup too, soooo worth it!!

Zurmely family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! sounds like you had a blast! good for you! love ya!

Anonymous said...

loved this post!! so glad you had a great birthday. :)

The Gray Family said...

Happy birthday Julie! Glad you had a good day. You deserve it!

Charlotta-love said...

Happy Birthday! And no, there are never calories on your birthday!