Friday, March 20, 2009

Lets fly a kite!

Regan has been so excited all week long because it was kite day at school on Thursday. Daddy took her to the store and they picked out the perfect Barbie kite. Regan begged and begged to put it together the second that they got home. We told her that she had to wait until the night before kite day so that it would not get ruined. Wednesday night came and she was SOOO excited! I feel bad that all they had to do was attach one little part to make the kite whole. It seems like with all of that build up there should have been more fun to be had. Collin and I watched from the side and cheered them on. When Collin came home from school it was obvious that he was not feeling well. So, he did a lot of cuddling with Mommy.

Later Collin started having seizures and they continued for some time. I had to give him Valium to help stop them. Even though it is the same dose, measured out by the pharmacists, in the injection every time some times his reactions to the meds vary. Most times Collin will just relax enough and fall asleep. That is the point of the medication. With some form of seizures they put you on medication to wake you up so that you can control it or "snap" out of it. In other cases it is better that the body just relaxes. Well, this night Collin did not fall asleep .... he became very "happy"! He was on a little high from the medication and was loving it. Regan found it hilarious that Collin was acting so silly.... watching his hands as he moved them, kissing the chair, yelling out. I have to admit it was pretty funny. This is not the first time that Collin has reacted this way BUT this time it was fun to see Regan's reaction. The next day she even wrote a little book about her funny Bubba. It was a LONG hard night but Collin woke up the next day doing much better.

Thursday came and the much anticipated Kite Day was here! It is all that Regan could talk about from the moment that she woke up. She even invited Great Grandma Jo to come with us to this wonderful event. She was too cute!!! We were one of the first families to get there and Regan loved having most of the playground to herself. She did have to share with the special classes. Regan loved running around and trying to get it up. When Jason would get it high she would say how boring it was and she just needed to run. The down side to running however is the all to common falling. Yes, at the very end Regan fell hard. She was very embarrassed and our kite day was short lived. It ended up being a good thing that it was short because Bubba was not doing well and we needed to get him home.

After kissing her scrapes and wiping away her tears I asked Regan what would make her feel better. Her response was "making cupcakes". So, that is just what we did. We made LOTS of cupcakes that Regan proudly named the Ooh La La cupcakes! We have tons left over.... please come and get some!


Kristi said...

You're such a sweet mommy to make the day all better by baking cupcakes. It's hard to see kids get so excited about something and then see them be disappointed by it. Regan's a cutie. Great Grandma Jo is too!

carrfamily4 said...

You are an amazing mom and I am glad that Collin is feeling better. I love to hear your stories of your sweet children. Reagan is an amazing sister and such a blessing to your family.

The Gray Family said...

what a fun day...we took Brendan to fly a kit the other day and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. And OF COURSE cupcakes can make everything better! Glad Collin is doing better, and I'm so glad I got to see you today! We will have to meet up again soon (now that Jessica lives down the street, you have another reason to stop by on the way to your mom's!)

Christamae said...

I love hearing your stories. So Collin got a little loopy-hopefully it is working correctly. Give the sweetheart a hug for me!

the MILKY way (Chrissy) said...

You are so cool. The coolest. I think it's because I was your Miamaid advisor way back when. Right? I'll take the credit for you being so cool, since I'm so cool.

But really, you are one of the neatest people I know. You are special and you inspire me. Very cool.