Sunday, December 6, 2009

We are alive..

It has been a rough week around here BUT we are alive.

Regan started our FUN week with the FLU on Sunday night.
Sweet little girl did SO good!
Then on Tuesday I got a call from the school..
"Collin fell asleep in his walker.. this isn't like him."
I ran to my car and rushed to the school to get him.
When I walked in the hall there he was.
His aid was holding my sleeping little boy in her arms.
(She is AMAZING!)
I scooped him up and then with in seconds of getting him in my arms he starting vomiting.
I think he was waiting for me.
That evening it hit me... it hit me HARD.
I sent Jason a message..." I NEED HELP!"
Before Jason even had a chance to call his mother, there she was at my front door.
She had come to check on us with out even knowing that I was sick.
She is an angel and came right to my rescue.
She sent me to bed and took care of my sick little boy.
She held him, cleaned him up as vomited , and she loved him until Daddy got home.
Jason had to go to work the next day.
So, bright and early my AMAZING mother in law was at my house.
She washed our dirty bedding, gave me ice chips, took the kids for walks, and made it possible for me to regain my strength.
It was hard to not be able to take care of my sweet kiddo's.
At one point I tried to pick Collin up and dropped him because I was so weak. :(
Luckily he was just fine BUT I felt so awful.
The kids rebounded quickly but it took me over 24 hours just to stop vomiting.
Regan was able to go back to school and Collin and I just stayed home and rested.
He was HAPPY to have is Mommy back.
My wonderful Mother in law came down with it on Thursday.
To make it worse it was her birthday. :(
So, Collin and I woke up Friday morning to bring her Sprite and take care of her.
Some how I don't think our trip for Sprite compares to her three selfless days of loving service she rendered for our family.
Then on Friday... yes, you guessed it Jason came down with it.
It has been one HARD week BUT we are doing better!!!!
Boy, I am so glad that this week is over! wink!!!


Brian and Kara said...

sad, sad and more sad! Glad you are all feeling better. Been thinking about you all week and hoping you were all surviving. Glad to hear the fam is on the mends!! Call me if you need anything. ;)

Grumpwurst (Ray) said...

I swear I didn't give you that vomiting stomach bug from China. But, I can definitely feel your sympathy....that thing sucks and nothing is worse that feeling that sick and knowing other people in your family need you

Poppie said...

Since I am so far away, I am very thankful that you have Jason's mother close by to help you when you need it. I am glad everyone is doing better. Love you lots and lots.

Zurmely family said...

My mom is the best!! heehee

Kristi said...

That is so good you guys are on the up and up. There is nothing worse then that stuff. We got something like that when we were on our way up to the car. It was literally one of the worst weeks of my life! Your mother-in-law is so awesome!

The Gray Family said...

I'm sorry it's been such a lousy week, but glad to hear everyone is on the mend!

Erin said...

That sounds like a nightmare!
I am glad you are all feeling better.