Monday, November 30, 2009


Being a MOM is an amazing, tiring, hard, beautiful, rewarding, complicated, demanding, and wonderful gift. Yes, it is a gift… not a right or a job BUT a gift. There are many types of mothers. There are mothers that want to love and hold a child so much that they will travel to China to get them. There are mothers that let the TV and the teachers do the parenting. There are mothers who devote every second of every day coming up with some new craft to make or new recipe to try. There are mothers who are so busy they don’t realize that they are mothers. There are mothers who no longer have their child with them here on earth. There are mothers who live in a hospital with their child. There is my mother….. Who sewed Regan a beautiful Christmas dress that she got in the mail today. There is my mother in law… who ran to help me this morning. She even went to the store and came back with sprite and swirly straws for Regan.

After church yesterday Regan went home with Nana and Papa. This has become a favorite Sunday ritual for her. Jason had to go to work. So, it was just Collin and I on our own. We eat dinner with Jason’s family ever Sunday… Oh, how I love the freedom of not having to worry about dinner. I loaded Collin up in the van and we were headed to Great Grandma Jo’s house to pick her up. We managed to get one block when I heard Collin gasping…. I looked back and Collin was vomiting and seizing. I hurried and pulled over to the side, made sure he was breathing, cleaned him up, and then headed back home. Collin was not doing well and the only way to get the seizure to stop was with an injection of valium. It is so heart breaking to see what TTD does to his little body. He finally passed out in my arms. Later Nana and Papa brought Regan home as well as some yummy soup for me to eat.

I was cuddling Collin in my bed when I heard Regan yelling “Mom…Mom…. MOM!!” Luckily Jason had just gotten home from work, it was midnight. Jason went into check on her and she said “my tummy hurts… I want Mommy!” Before we knew it she was in the bathroom throwing up. It was a hard night. She was up every thirty minutes. I made her a bed on the sofa and I slept next to her in the recliner. When Collin realized that it was Daddy in bed with him and not Mommy he wasn’t happy. So, at about 4:30 in the morning there I was…in the recliner, next to my little girl, and cuddling my little boy. I don’t think I even got an hour of sleep BUT at one point in the early hours of the morning I started to cry. Partly from lack of sleep and partly because of how grateful I am to be a MOM. To be the one that my kids want in the middle of the night. To be the one that makes the pain better when Collin is seizing… to be the one that pulls Regan’s hair back and wipes her sweet little face with a wet wash cloth….. Well, that is a gift a priceless gift that I am eternally grateful for.

This is a hard, smelly, tiresome gig… that of a mother BUT it is the most amazing and important gift and I am so blessed!

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suzy's jewels and gem said...

Wow...Your post are always so touching and inspiring! I love ya!