Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am in love....

with Collin's new stroller!!!!

I have been having LOTS of back issues and constantly throw it out lifting Collin's 50 (plus) pound wheel chair in and out of my van.
So, I broke down and got Collin this wonderful stroller.
Why did I wait so long????
Ok, well I know... the price.
I had a hard time paying $725.oo for a stroller (anything that is " for disability" is ALWAYS over priced.)
BUT it is sooo worth it!!!
If for no other reason it is going to save my back.
It only weighs 15 pounds!!!!!
Yes, I know.. I can lift it one handed and it doesn't hurt my back.
SO exciting!!!

What does Collin think about it you ask.....
If you can't tell he LOVES it!!!!
Another thing that I am LOVING right now is the time change. I LOVE that it gets dark earlier. Yes, I am probably one of the only ones out there. With the time change we are able to do more with Collin outside!!! We have been going for walks every night and enjoying the beautiful dark nights! We give Collin his first round of night time medications and the go for a walk to break it up before his second round of medications. He LOVES it!!!!!
Oh, Fall.... I LOVE you!


Mandy said...

That looks like ours, but looks more updated! Ours was only $400 so maybe they made improvements, which ours could definately have. But I too LOVE LOVE it, it took a lot of convincing Tyler to pay $400 but it has been well worth it, plus some!! Glad you are enjoying it!

Amy and Kyle said...

I'm SO happy for you!!!! If you would have done a blog post about that I'm sure all of your fans would have LOVED to chip in for something like that. You BOTH deserve it!

Kristi said...

I'm with Amy, I totally would have chipped in on Collin's stroller! That's an awesome thing. You let all of us know the next time you need something. I'm glad for fall too, it's the best time of year. Tied with summer. ;) Glad that Collin loves his stroller and that you can save your back. A good working back is a neccessity! I know because I have back problems and they really keep you from doing a lot of important things. Hugs!