Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's November....

So that means it is time to start getting ready for Christmas!
I know.. can you believe it... Christmas will be here next month!!!
I LOVE hand made gifts!!!
So, with that said this month I will be busy making.....

Some Tu Tu's ...
well.. because I have lots of tulle.
Fun, big, and chunky necklaces for
some of the beautiful women in my life.

(I made this one today... but I am keeping
this one for myself.. wink!)
I have had some requests for some pretty hair pieces

BIG chunky fabric necklaces.

I will have to make some whimsy super hero capes.


The Hurley's said...

You are amazing such cool stuff. You are very creative. Love it all

Charlotta-love said...

Have you ever seen names done with pictures of items that look like letters? (It's hard to explain).

Okay, so the letter 'h' might be the end of a bench, or the letter 'A' would be a roof angle, or the letter 'O' would be a pipe end...etc. Anyway, I've been taking pictures of 'letters' for several months. The GOAL (heaven help me) is to make name pictures for people. In my mind, it's the coolest thing ever. Hopefully in reality it is as well. :o)

Amy and Kyle said...

Can I please schedule a big bow/necklace party at my house in a couple weeks?! I need all of that and so do all my friends.

Michael and Amy said...

Love them all so cute and creative!

Kristi said...

I want to know more about this name thing that Charlotte speaks of. That sounds great. I never loved hand made gifts until last finally sunk into my materialistic brain that hand made gifts are the BEST. Beaituful, creative, made with love and unique! I want to make something for people this year but I don't know what. You have some great ideas and all of your stuff is uber cute!