Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving fun! Part 1

Our Thanksgiving fun started on Wednesday at the kids school. Regan had a "feast program". We watched the two kinder classes eat a fest that consisted on fried bread, cranberry sauce, and popcorn... Oh Yuummmmy. wink! Then they sang for us. Jason's parents and Great Grandma Jo came to watch our little pilgrim.

Notice a theme with her friends.... yes, she loves those boys. I think we will have issues when she is older.. wink!

This last picture is of Regan and her buddy Carter. They sang a duet and were OH SO CUTE!!!
After all of that fun with Regan we all walked down the hall to go and see Bubba and watch him in his Thanksgiving festivities. Collin was in the Turkey Trot at this school!!! He was so darn cute!!!
This is Collin's aid... well, she is not a one on one BUT if you ask anyone at school they will tell you that she is. She LOVES him so much and he just adores her. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to know that while he is away from me he has someone taking care of him that loves him.
After all of the Thanksgiving fun at school the kids and I got in my van and headed straight to Disney Land. I had promised to take them the day before but Bubba just wasn't up for it. So, when it was obvious that he was having a good day we took advantage of it.
We enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations and excitement. We stopped and watched the new parade and both kids enjoyed it!!! Bubba was shaking with joy when he realized that Small World had been changed out for Christmas time. He LOVES Christmas small world.
After Small World we headed over to the bathroom where we ran into some wonderful friends!!!! I was so excited when we saw Granny K, Becky and Abby!!! The girls became instant BFF's. So, we decided to spend the rest of our time there together.

We stayed and played with them until they turned on the Christmas lights! Oh, it was magical! I hate it that I didn't get any pictures... my battery died. :( The best part was not only were the lights magical BUT it snowed on us as well! It was so much fun and a great way to start our Thanksgiving weekend!

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Jill said...

So much fun! Sometimes I miss Cali! It is so wonderful to have family so close to help on those hard days! I love that my parents live here now! It was a long hard 4 years here without any family. :) (BTW its Abby or Abigail, not Aubrey) :)