Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving part 2

Thanksgiving day was so much fun! Of course we ate way to much food BUT the fun part was watching Regan play with her cousin Shane. Jason's Sister and her family came from Reno. It was so fun to have them here!!!
We got to spend LOTS of time together!
There was LOTS of cuddling!!!

Played in the Hot Tub...
and played on the piano!
These two were so cute ...
hiding under the table...
Oh, I mean playing in their house! wink!
Did I mention cuddling??
Yes, LOTS of cuddling!

A little dress up and then to top it off....

OLD home movies!
(Doesn't Jason's dad look great wink!)

On black Friday we didn't wake up and go shopping. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific!! Regan was so excited to show her cousin around!
She introduced him to her friend the sea lion....

and they touched sting rays!
Then it was time to go and see the birds.
They liked Shane......
a LOT!!!!!
Collin thought that it was pretty cool!!!

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It was a GREAT weekend!!!! Collin was feeling well and we had so much fun playing with family and is there anything better to be thankful for than family???.... I think not!


Amy and Kyle said...

Just catching up on all your posts. YEs, a great mother in law makes all the difference, I have one too...we are lucky. We have also had the flu over here, with so much going on it forces you to stand still. You are such an amazing mommy, you inspire me with all you do. I rarely read your blog without shedding a few tears!

Ben & Janet Dutton Family said...

This message is for Jason

I finally found you. This is Ben Dutton (you can still call me meon). I wanted to send you a Christmas card and make contact again. I apologize for loosing track of you.

You have a beatiful family. Janet and I have a blog as well or you can email me at bjduttonfam@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.