Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas wish list

My poor husband, he keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. I can't really come up with much that I need/ want. If I come up with something he will respond with "No, I am not going to buy you your eye cream for Christmas!" OK, I don't blame him. What guy wants to deal with the clinque counter girl at Macy's? He LOVES to give good gifts and surprise me. I tried so hard come up with things BUT seriously I can't. I am so happy with where we are and what I have that I just couldn't think of much at all. Tonight while I was downloading these pictures off of my camera it hit me.

Jason, you have already given me the best two gifts in the world and that can never be topped. Collin and Regan are my treasures! You give me that gift of being able to stay home with them and enjoy them every day. You gave me the gift of an eternal family ten years ago when you took me into the temple to become your wife. Daily, you give me the gift of love. My cup is full!

These pictures are from our baking the other day. Jason was at work and we wanted to make Daddy and our neighbors some yummy treats. Collin LOVES to bake. Well, he loves the mixer. Even if we could get away with just mixing it by hand, we have to pull out the mixer to make him happy! :) He has even pulled it out of my pantry a couple of times and crawled to me, dragging it behind him.
So, here is my Christmas wish list:
Be able to enjoy days like this with my family
(I LOVE being a mommy!!! It is a hard gig BUT the most rewarding gift I could ever be given.)


Charlotta-love said...

I love this post! I'm glad there are still wonderful and happy marriages out there.

Zurmely family said...

Jason is not going to be happy with your wishlist, my friend. I can hear the sighs now!! hee, hee (Ah, Julie, *tsk*, that's not, *ugh* what i meant. *huff* there's got to be something!...with complete exasperation in his voice)

Michelle said...

Hey sister! I told my husband ALL I want for Christmas is a CLEAN suburban!!! So he and the kids have a cleaning (gutting) party planned for Momma! YAY!!!!