Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am one lucky gal!

I married into a GREAT family. I told you not long ago about my wonderful mother-in-law and all that she did for us while we were sick. Now I want to tell you about my AMAZING father-in-law. He has a very close and personal relationship with Santa Clause. Yes, VERY close relationship with him! wink! So, I asked him to arrange to have Santa come to the kid's school again this year. Luckily he was available. Santa came and surprised Regan's class first! He took his time with each child, asked them what they wanted for Christmas, cracked jokes, and took a picture with them. In the other Kinder class when we told the kids to get around Santa for a class picture they were so excited and tackled poor Santa moving his chair a good four feet until is stopped at the wall. Santa looked up at me and said "Help me!" Not just any one would do this, it takes someone pretty special!

After the Kinder classes we headed down to the special day classes. We have EIGHT special days classes and Santa went to see them all. I was brought to tears a couple of times when I watched how sweet Santa was with these special children. He opened the door and one sweet little friend with Downs syndrome came RUNNING to him and gave him the BIGGEST hug. Santa happily loved on them despite the drool, paint, or awkward equipment. To top it off Santa was not feeling to good BUT he stuck it out and saw all of his special friends. Not just anyone would do this, it takes someone pretty special!

There was only one person that had Santa figured out! Collin is one pretty smart little boy that LOVES his PaPa and would know him any where! Thank you Santa for loving my kiddos so much. It takes someone pretty special to do this year after year! You are one AMAZING Santa and we can't wait to see you on Christmas eve!

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Zurmely family said...

You're right. You have AMAZING in-laws. Give Santa three extra big squeezes from us, would ya?