Friday, December 11, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

and I LOVE it!!!!
We have trimmed our tree....

and started our shopping.
OH, my sweet little girl. She saved her money all year for Christmas. She managed to save $88 hard earned dollars. She saw something in an add that she just HAD to get for her Bubba. She knew that it would just be PERFECT for him. I took her to Toys R Us (the only store that carries it) and she was so excited when she saw it. It was over forty dollars, more than half of her hard earned money. I asked if I could please help her buy it and she said. "I love my Bubba way more than forty dollars Mommy... I can get it on my own!!!" Then she shewed me away so that she could pay all by herself while I stood off to the side. She is one SPECIAL girl!!!

Collin got his new Small World
ornament and was so EXCITED!!!
It has become a tradition that Collin gets a new Small World ornament from his Nana and PaPa every year. When the package arrived at our door step and I pulled it out Collin was so excited to see the box. Yes, he doesn't understand the ornament thing BUT he recognized Small World on the box. He would NOT let go of it!

We have decorated our
Ginger Bread House and...

We went and saw this Jolly Old Saint Nick!!!
Can I just tell you what an awesome experience this turned out to be. Regan had been bugging me to go and see Santa in the Mall. We picked up Great Grandma Jo and met Nana and Uncle Bryan at the Mall. They said that I could not take a picture with my own camera so I gave it to Uncle Bryan and he managed to get his one. Then the woman called me over. I was afraid that I was in trouble... maybe she saw the flash. She asked me if she could take a picture and give it to us for free. I smiled and said "Oh, that is OK" to which she replied "No, please let me." I am not sure if was the sight of me struggling to get Collin out of his Chair and into Santa's lap or maybe it was his smile. Something touched her and she decided to pass it on to us. The picture was VERY cute and her gesture made my day.


Michelle said...

What a beautiful time of year YOU have created for your family. Those kids and that husband of yours are lucky to have such an amazing woman in their life...that can find the spirit of Christmas...all year long. LOVE YOU!

The Hurley's said...

I have to say I love your kids and the unconditional love they have for each other they have a wonderful mother to show them that. It just brought tears to my eyes to see the love that your daughter has for her brother it is so precious. You are wonderful and have a wonderful family. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Poppie said...

Christmas time still brings out the best in most people. It is amazing how easily we can be overtaken by the love of Christ when he places His gentle hand on our hearts.