Friday, October 23, 2009

Tonight I am grateful for....

Tonight my house is quite.
My sweet little children are fast asleep in their beds.
Jason is playing baseball on his league.....
and my house is quite. I love it!

With all of this quite I had time to sit with my thoughts.
I thought about how hard this week has been, how hard this year has been.
I thought about how wonderful today was and what a blessing it was to see Collin fall asleep tonight with a smile on his face.
I thought about the phrase "Come what may and love it." in a talk given by Joseph B. Wirthlin.

It is hard to "Love" our challenges BUT often times it is our challenges that help us to see more clearly the beauty that is, that has been in our lives the entire time.

Today, after a hard week, we had a beautiful day.

It made me stop and think tonight of all that I am grateful for today.
Here are just a few.....

I am grateful that we had HAPPY moments today.
I am grateful that we LOVE spending time together as a family.
I am grateful for....

I am grateful for the love of my BEST friend.
I am grateful for his.....

I am so grateful for his SMILE.
I am grateful that I have such an amazing example of
(He is my Hero!)

I am grateful for this AMAZING little girl.
She LOVES life... whether it be going to bed in a tu tu and sunglasses
or jumping at the opportunity to steer the boat...
she lives and loves every second of life.
I am grateful for my FAITH and my testimony in my loving Savior Jesus Christ.
More often than not I am to tired to endure but when I turn it over the Lord, he carries me through and for that .....I am eternally GRATEFUL!


Poppie said...

And I am thankful for YOU and all you stand for. Looking forward to spending the weekend with you.

Kristi said...

Love this post Julie, you are a wonderful example to me of "come what may and love it". Have a great weekend! Hugs!