Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FHE Pumpkin fun

For Family Home Evening this week Regan was in charge of the lesson. We talked about a couple options and then she took it and ran. I was so proud of all the ideas that she came up with ALL BY HERSELF. First our night started with a lesson about where pumpkins come from and what we can use them for. Then we played a guessing game...(again, I must say.. she came up with this herself).

We had to guess with ribbon how big around
we thought the pumpkin was.

Then we had to guess how much it weighed.

Then she discussed with us the many potential options we could use for making our jack o lantern. (This was a pumpkin that Regan and I made a while back. We used felt to make the body parts and then attached Velcro to the pumpkin and the felt. This way they can change it out and have fun with it.) Then we decided what we should turn our pumpkin into!

We had to put off our jack o lantern creating until tonight... Regan's lesson ran a little long. wink! So, we started it first thing today when the kids got home from school.
We cut open the pumpkin and scooped out the goop!

Daddy had to do the cutting. So, Regan was his support system.

Guess what we made....

Come on... were you really that surprised??? I mean this is the Presley house and almost everything in some way comes back around to be about Disney or Disney Land. wink!


Mark T said...

Pumpkin looks good, and I love the smiles. I miss you guys.

Michelle said...

Precious! Tell Regan she can come and teach FHE at our house ANYTIME!!!

Kristi said...

Fun FHE! Regan is so smart and independent, I love it. The pumpkin looked great too!

Amy and Kyle said...

SO CUTE! I LOVE the mickey pumpkin!