Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I needed a little therapy....

Collin has not been feeling well... needy... seizing ... in pain and sick.

With this comes... NO SLEEP.... and one tired Mommy.
With this comes... a breaking heart that just wants to fix it and make it all better.
With this comes... crummy thoughts as what is happening with my little man.
With this comes ...a little girl that acts out for attention.
With this comes... tears.... not just from Collin.
With this comes ...the need for an escape.
What is my escape (or therapy if you will)...
My therapy is being crafty... I know it should be sleep BUT it just doesn't work that way for me.

No naps over here. wink!

I had seen these SUPER cute necklaces on ETSY that I fell in love with BUT I didn't want to pay 100 BUCKS for it. So, I thought I can do that!

The best part is that all of the material that I used is green!!! I was going through my old fall clothing and taking out the things with holes and stains. I was bummed because some of them were my faves from last season.... SOOOOO I turned them into a fun FAll necklace!

What do you think????

(Hey, don't judge me.... I haven't had sleep in days and no makeup ... Yes, I look a mess!.. wink!)


Randi said...

You couldn't look a mess if you tried! Prayers for your family. I hope Collin is feeling better. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!! Love you!

Mandy said...

You look beautiful in that picture, you have been in the service of your son, nothing could make your spirit shine more. Sorry we didn't meet up while we were there in CA. It was a whirlwind quick trip and we didn't have Caleb with us, which broke my heart, but there was no way he could go at this point. Hopefully someday we will make it again with Caleb in tow and we will meet up. I am hoping for a much slower paced vacation, which would maybe include beach time.

sara and gailon said...

You are so crazy creative!!! Love the necklace!

{i am writing to you the next time i need a crafty idea for my students!!}

Brian and Kara said...

I think it's not fair that you stole all the talent around here. And, if that's what you look like with no sleep in make-up, I also think that's not fair! Beautiful and talented?? A deadly combo! Hope things get better soon! By the way...love the necklace. :)

GoldenMOM said...
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DeJuana Golden said...

Girlie your creativity is out of this world. You know you can do something great with your talent, even in the midst of your trials. We seem to be going through similar battles and my lil girl is also acting out for attention. I'm trying my best to give them both ALL OF MY LOVE!!! What are we to do?!! Your jewelry and hairbows and my events are keeping us sane lol!!

Kristin said...

Whatever! I wish I looked that good with no sleep. That necklace is so cute. Good job!