Sunday, October 4, 2009


This post is for one reason and one reason only... guilt.

No, I am not feeling guilty... I want to inflict guilt.. wink!

My mom and her husband both retired last year. Shortly after retiring my mom told me that they were putting there house up for sale and moving to Texas to be with the rest of my family. Yes, this would mean that I would be the last of the Toyes here in Cali.

I didn't worry at first. Why???... Well, to be honest their house was listed over priced.

Then when we were up there for dinner last Sunday my mom told me that they had reduced the price!!! WHAT!?!?!

Then, it happened... today I got a message saying that there are three buyers wanting the house!!! NO!!!!!

So, Poppie my question to you is....

Instead of Disney Land you will have cow pastures....
Instead of the beach you will have dirty lakes....
Instead of GREAT shopping you will have to DRIVE to get to ANY store..
Instead of bike trails you will have dirt roads...
Instead of AMAZING weather you will have tornados.
(because we sure aren't ready!)
If you are not feeling gulity yet here are some pictures from last weekend that will do the trick. I love you mom and have no idea what I will do with out you close.


Poppie said...

I can't believe you did that to me!But, I love you anyway!

Kenny said...

Julie! you even made ME sad!

Anonymous said...

oh, now she doesn't have a chance!

Jonny said...

Texas is a great place to live!

Anonymous said...

i think it's been a while since somebody has been to texas! ;)
it's not THAT bad.

girl, this even made me sad! but i even said out loud yesterday "man, julie is really gonna miss her mom" :(
so if it makes you feel any better, we all know it isn't going to be easy for you. and when she comes to see you (and we all know she will!) at least your visits will be that much more special.

thinkin' bout you.
so sorry to hear about your friends loss.

Presley family said...

Yes, it has been a LONG time since I have been to Texas. I will always be a Texas girl in my heart BUT I love california!!! The main reason is because it is the best place for our little man. With all of Bubba's challenges Texas would be WAY to hard on him... the heat would have him seizing all of the time and the cold would affect his sweet little bones. :(
I am just being selfish because I will miss my mom SOOOOO much!!!!!!

Kristi said...

You aren't selfish Julie, you need your mom in California! She can't move! We need to start a petition! I'm on Team Julie, haha! Oh my goodness, this makes me so sad. I would not know what I'd do without my mom close to me so my heart is sad for you. Maybe those buyers won't buy her house after all. ;)