Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My sweet little girl!

Regan has started her swim lessons. This has been a BIG issue for us. Regan is terrified of the water. She doesn't even like it when it touches her in the face when she is in the bath. So, after lots of bribing and making it sound so great Regan agreed to go to swim class. As much as she loves Nana and PaPa's spa and the beach we feel that is way past time that she is water safe. Each day she does a little better. The sweet girl that teaches her is so patient. I think Regan's favorite part is the park close by after her lessons.

I wanted to share this story that happened a week ago before I forget it. We were in Collin's class dropping him off when Regan started flipping. She then asked me to do it with her. I told that I was to old. Then she replied " You're not a grandma." I asked her if she thought that he Nana and Poppie were old (mine and Jason's moms). She told me "no they are not grandmas" Then she looked at the teacher and said " My Poppie has batteries in her boobies!" The teacher looked very surprised by this statement. Then she said "Yeah, and I have touched um!" I quickly had to explain that my mom had to have her pace maker replaced and we had just been up there to check on her. The battery sticks out of her chest. The entire time we were there she kept pulling down her shirt and checking to make sure it was still working. So, Regan now believes that her Poppie runs on battery power. wink!!

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Hoskins Family said...

That is an adorable story. She is such a doll. Beautiful Smile!