Saturday, July 19, 2008

Collin's new walker

Collin's new walker!! I have had several people ask me when I was going to put up pictures of Collin's new walker and here they are! Yes, Collin is wearing a "child leash". I hate them BUT Collin is a runner. If he gets the chance he will take off and just keep on going. This is walker is the perfect size for him. He is still getting used to it. His other walker was so small and he had out grown it a while ago and got used to walking with it. The only big problem, one that we have always had, he walks with his head up. He never looks where he is going. Regan loves his walker as well. She likes to push it and ride it through the dinning room or sit on it as a chair to watch tv. As for Collin's old walker, we decided to find someone that we could donate it to. If we could save someone the trouble that we have had to go through ever time then what a blessing. The only thing is that his first walker is TINY. We were not sure that we would find a child that could use it. Well, we met a sweet boy this summer that is in Collin's summer school class. He is a LP (little person) and he is so tiny. We brought it the other day to see if he could use it. He took off!!! When I told his mom that she could have it. She got tears in her eyes. I love it when we get the chance to pass it on!!!! Don't ever pass up a opportunity to pass it on! A friend's father is going to trip out his new walker. Last time we had it painted red ... I am not sure what we will do this time. It is always nice when you know someone who works with a custom body shop!! wink!!


The Gray Family said...

I'm glad you got everything straightened out with the walker and wheelchair....hopefully that will make things a little easier for him! And how nice that you found someone who could use his old one...that's really great. What a sweet little guy he is (and such a cutie for a sister!)

Hoskins Family said...

I absolutely love that Collin only looks up while walking! What a great way to take in the world.