Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girl Time

Collin had a VERY hard week this week. He was in a TON of pain and was acting out all week. So, when my mom called and asked us to come up and spend time with her on Saturday I was all for a girls day! We drove up and got pedicures, ate lunch, then we took my mom to her hotel by the airport (she is having to go back to Oklahoma for a check up on her heart.) She had an early flight and stayed the night. We swam for two hours and then had dinner and Regan an I headed home. It was so much fun. Poor Jason said that Collin had a hard time the entire day. I just don't know what to do on days .... weeks like this. I am so grateful that my mom saw that I needed a break and asked me to come spend time with her. Aren't mom's just the best. It is so wonderful to know that when we reach that point whether it be a scrape on the leg or a heart breaking week we can count on them.

These are some pictures that I took of Regan this week. I just love being a mommy and I love having a little girl that always makes me smile and wipes away my tears on the hard days!


Amy & family said...

I'm glad that your mom was able to help you get a break! That was so sweet of her! I love the pics of Regan!

Hoskins Family said...

I am glad you and Regan got out for some mommy, daughter and grandma time.

Poppie said...

I am always happy when you and Regan come for a girl's day out. Each one is better than the last. Love you lots and lots.