Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday fun on the 4th!!

We had lots of fun on Collin's b-day (4th of July) this year. Collin does not like parties or large crowds. I would always throw him a big party.. well because you know how much I love a good party. We were so excited to make it to another year with him. Collin would end up getting upset and having a hard time. So, we have decided to keep it simple with family.. just the way he likes it! We started the day off by going to the pancake breakfast at our church (I don't know why but it is not letting me upload those pics.)
Then we were off to Chuck E Cheese for some B-day fun! Collin LOVES this place! Collin got TONS of bubbles for his b-day!! He was in heaven!

Then it was time for BBQ and more B-day fun. Collin had help from his sister blowing out his candles. Ok, if any of you wonder. We forgot to get candles.. we found a 5 and a 3 so we decided that since they add up to 8 it would work just great! wink!! All of the kids loved the cupcakes if you can't tell!

Then it was time for fireworks! It was a good day. Collin only had one bad part in the middle but he quickly recovered! What a trooper!! I can't believe he is eight years old!! Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate, sent him presents, cards, and showed him your love!! We are so grateful!! BIG HUGS!!!


dustin and karen... said...

Yay! Happy birthday Collin! You are such a cute boy...I'm glad to know you and have you as my friend! :) are just a huge cutie pie! :) Looks like you guys had a fun and eventful weekend!

Amy & family said...

I enjoyed looking at the pics! It sure looks like y'all had lots of fun for Collin's b-day!

Katie said...

Happy #8 Collin!! I love you!