Thursday, June 26, 2008

The sweet Blessings in my life

Stephanie a friend that lost her sweet little girl a week ago wrote in her blog to make sure to write down the things that are so wonderful about our kids today. Some day we will miss those things. Whether it be them growing up or losing them like she did. So, I accepted her challenge and here are some of the wonderful blessings and moments that I love about my kids TODAY!

I love watching these two play together. I love it when we ask Regan who
her best friend is and she replies "My Bubba!" This morning I was able to
witness a very sweet moment with them. Regan started yelling for me and
when I got to her I saw that Collin was having a seizure and throwing up.
She had a towel in her hand and was cleaning him up. I couldn't help but start
to cry. What a loving act shown by a very sweet and loving little sister.

I love watching my three favorite people playing! I love to
just sit back and take in the moment when they are cuddling
or playing. (This was at the LA science center on Sat.)

I am so happy that my mom and I found this high chair for Collin. I was
just telling her how I wanted to find on that was big enough for him!! After
three coats of red paint... its finished and Collin LOVES it. I love to see his
big smile EVERY time he gets in it. He loves to be at the table with us.
I also love it when I pick him up from school. After I have loaded him and
his wheel chair in the van and sit in my seat I look back at him. He always
gives me the biggest smile and gets so excited! I LOVE that so much and
look forward to it every day! His smile is priceless. When he smiles his whole
body smiles.

I love taking this sweet little girl to the beach and having alone
time with her. She has a heavy load to bear with her brother. She
does it so well. She loves any one on one time!!

This morning I loved watching Regan trying to do the yo yo.
She would get so excited! Remember when we would get
so excited about the smallest little things like a yo yo.
Note: I also love that she is brave enough to yo yo while
wearing a stylish cowboy hat!!! I LOVE her since of style!
So, here are just a few of my favorite things TODAY!


Jordan & Kimberly said...

Jules- I love all your photos. Your kids are too cute. I love that red highchair for Collin. I am so glad that your Mom found it. I also am so sorry for your friend Stephanies lost. I have been keeping up on her blog. Although what happened was SO tragic she is able to find peace through her trial. I find myself looking at her blog to feel inspried. Love you!

Amy & Kyle said...

Sitting here bawling!!! I love yor blog. Reagan is SUCH a good little sis! What a wonderful little family!!!

Laurie said...

hey Julie! this is amy's littlest sister. i used to leave comments on yalls caringbridge page, then a few weeks ago i noticed yall had a blog. your children are adorable! Lily liked looking at all the pictures you recently posted.

Anonymous said...

i think regan goes down in history as being the coolest kid EVER!! that girl has character!
her poses and the outfits she wears...they just make me giggle.

i'm passing the little diva site along to all of my family and friends, a bunch of them have daughters and nieces. i don't have either! bummer!!

oh, and i went to and picked my background under the scrapbook link. from there the steps are easy, until you get into the matching your profile page with the background you pick. that gets semi-complicated but you'll figure it out!! they had a lot of pretty cute ones....

did you get your mail yet????

Jennifer Gravley said...

Hi Julie, WOW, it has been a long time! Your family is absolutely beautiful. I just happened upon your blog from Steph's to the Hoskins to yours. Your kids have gotten so big. Sounds like you have a wonderful little helper on by your side and a great family. email me sometime,
Lots of love from our family to your. Take care, Jennifer

Christamae said...

I love knowing your family and seeing glimpses into your life! It's an honor.

dustin and karen... said...

your kiddo's are so cute...and nope..haven't gotten that dress. i might need to take along a proffessional shopper! *wink!