Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just another day at the beach!

Monday morning we woke up and decided to go over to the beach after we dropped Collin off at school. It was a little cool BUT Jason and Regan still went out into the water. Regan's favorite thing to do at the beach is look for shells. We have jars filled with shells that she has found. It was low tide so there were TONS of shells. Lots of big ones and she was stoked!! The last pictures are of her cleaning her shells and showing them off after we got home! It is beach season and you will find us there all of the time!!! We love having the ocean in our backyard!


Anonymous said...

Jealous!!! I wanna go to the beach. THAT beach!

Regan is too cute. I loved the interview in your last post too. Jason and Jesse heard her talking on the computer and both came and crawled into my lap to watch her. They smiled the whole time!

We miss ya'll. I blew up a picture of Mark and Collin in black and white and gave it to Mark as a surprise this past Friday. It almost made him cry!! He sure does love that little guy.

Jennie said...

How fun! The beach is definately one thing I miss. It takes so much more planning now for us to go, I miss being so close. Regan looks like she had a blast. One of these days, she can compare her shell collection with Caleb's rocks :)

Amy & family said...

That is so awesome that you guys live close enough to the beach to be able to visit it often. We used to live fairly close to a beach, but the Galveston, TX area beaches aren't beautiful like the ones in California, so we didn't go much. I'm glad that Regan had so much fun collecting seashells. Natalie loves seashells too!