Sunday, April 28, 2013

Regan's 9th {4th of July/ Mustache} Birthday Party

Regan came to me one day and told me that she wanted a 4th of July birthday party in honor of her sweet Bubba.

With tears in my eyes I told her that she didn't have to do that.... she could pick any theme she wanted.

Then she replied "I want this Mommy....let me have this!"

What could I say to that??

Some where a long the line she decided to add mustaches to the theme as well.

Yup, that's right an April 4th of July/ Mustache party!

Give me a theme and I will run with it!

So, we decied to make it the best darn April 26th.. 4th of July/Mustache party EVER!!!!

I want to start with the cake.

Do you remember the wonderful ladies that made Bubba's cake last year???...

and the AMAZING organization Icing Smiles ?

Well, they insisted on making Regan's birthday cake this year!!

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for Sandy and Jessica.

Tears... lots and lots of tears!

They made Bubba's last birthday with us a very special one...

and they did it again this year for our sweet girl and what has been a HARD eight months for her.

They took a VERY hard theme and made a cake to perfection!!! 
You are both angels in a little girl's eyes!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and now onto the details.....
The popcorn machine was run by the Men ;)...

We had a photo booth...........

{A HUGE shout out to my Mom that made this awesome custom dress to match the theme!! You are the best!!!!}


AND then a very special guest showed up..............

{To be continued.......................}


Anonymous said...
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Susan said...

How wonderful that your unique, precious daughter had a party tailor made for her! I love it! The cake is adorable and it looks as if everyone had a very good time. Regan will probably be the only girl to have a mustache party this year. That rocks!